True concentrate of performances, in a volume of (L)140 x (W)79 x (H)195 cm, the milling machine is designed to allow the intensive milling of the Chromium-Cobalt and titanium, in continuous 5 axes, for the production of both frames of fixed prostheses and implant bars or personalised pillars for the dental industry.
The power of the 4 kW spindle reduces deeply the drafts times (CrCo), the speed of 50 000 rpm allows the use of tools up to 0,5 mm in diameter for very small details. The equipment includes the industrial technology called “UGV” (Usinage à Grande Vitesse = High Speed Milling)
CHARLYROBOT confirms again its successful partnership with its association to the WorkNCdental technology for the FAO part (charlydentalCAM 5X). The new optional “implants module” allows the production of many implant parts with a wide choice of connectors.

Its 15 positions automatic tool changer, its 4 positions disk storage, the lubrication by soluble oil at abundant jet, by water or dry (suction), allows it to work as well the pre-sintered zirconium, the resin for provisory, the lithium disilicate and even the burnable waxes (frames for mobile prostheses). Disks loader available in option.