CharlyDental CD50 : the ideal equipment for the machining of titanium or CrCO implant bars (March 2018)

La CD50 de CharlyDental offre un concentré de performance simple, ouvert, compact, puissant et précis pour les laboratoires de prothèses dentaires. Equipée d’un changeur automatique de disques, d’un magasin et d’un palpeur d’outils, la CD50 permet de réaliser des barres implantaires en titane ou en chrome cobalt dans un temps réduit et avec une grande précision...

The CHARLYDENTAL CD50 milling machine exhibited at the next DENTAL FORUM (Feb. 2018)

With many years’ experience, MÉCANUMÉRIC will participate to the DENTAL FORUM from 12th to 14th April in the Parc Floral of Paris-Vincennes. A good opportunity for the company to show its top range CNC milling machine with 5 simultaneous axes for working on metals : the CHARLYDENTAL CD50.

A new design for MÉCANUMÉRIC’s website (Jan. 2018)

MÉCANUMÉRIC just set up its new online website dedicated to industry, education and dental stakeholders. Main features : a more refined design, more video contents and a website which can be easily viewed on tablet or smartphone.

MICROLAB 4+ : productivity and versatility to create teeth facets (Jan. 2018)

Easy to use with its touch-screen, compact and compatible with all CAD-CAM softwares, MICROLAB 4+ by CHARLYDENTAL is the perfect milling machine to produce teeth facets within a limited time : and therefore guarantee optimal patient care.

End signal on the ADF annual congress (dec. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC was attending the most important yearly meeting for the dental surgeons with its CHARLYDENTAL product range.

Compact technical desk for CHARLYDENTAL machines (nov. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC offers its new technical desk, specially designed for the compact CHARLYDENTAL machines for dental prosthetists.

MÉCANUMÉRIC and SID Dental : 2 expertises dedicated to the servicing of dental prostheses laboratories (oct. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC, the main french producer of milling machines with numerical control for the dental sector and SID Dental, a major actor in the distribution of materials and equipment for the dental prothetists, just signed a partnership agreement on the distribution of the CHARLYDENTAL range of products.

MECANUMERIC is developping its offer for the small dental prosthesis (sept. 2017)

MECANUMERIC is developping its offer for the small dental prosthesis laboratories by adding new functions on the MICROLAB 4 machine which can now machine the disks in standard materials 98,5 mm.